Robo Drummer
R Drummer
Model no.    Rc1007
Name.         StickBoy
Task.            Rockdrummer
Built.            2007
Place.          Berlin
Features.     Four arms two legs and one head
Plays.          14 piece pearl Drumkit with Double bass Pedals
Energy.        Compressed Air
Control.       Midi
Fav Bad.      No means No
Playlist.       Theme tune            -  Bannana splits
                    Bullet in the head  -  Rage against the machine
                    Blitzkriegbop         -  The Ramones
                    Iron man                -  Black Sabbath
                    Unsung                  -   Helmet
                    TNT                        -   ACDC
                    Becoming              -   Pantera
                    Rubbish and nasty  -  Hooligan nights
Songs in progress.
                   Whole lotta love   -     Led zepplin
                   Rags and bones      -   No means no